Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are the original pokemon cards worth anything?

I'm looking to sell them all!

Are the original pokemon cards worth anything?
best bet to find out if they r worth ne thing is check ebay and c how much they go for or get a price guide in a magizne called scrye which u can get at a comic shop or emial me a list of wat u have and ill look them up cause i have a copy of the book i was talkin about wat ever u do i wish u luck later p.s. BOO
Reply:I was wondering the same thing. I have a whole bunch too.
Reply:usually to sell them to people playing pokemon or trading.but if those are old never to be released again then they'll be worth a fortune.
Reply:Sure but give them cheap like $1 each one, and preferebly sell them to little kids that are like 7 or something. Big kids aren't so intrested in them anymore.
Reply:I gave my pokemon cards away some time ago. But I recently sold all my yugioh cards i found laying around drawer. I sold a couple of them in ebay for cheap, but some of those legendary cards, i got more than 50 dollars for no kidding. If you have those holographics rare cards, i guess you might still have a little bit of fortune in your hand
Reply:I doubt they are work anything. Its just like beanie babies. I used to collect them and got all those books about how much they will be worth and they really arent worth anything.

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