Monday, May 11, 2009

Where can I go to identify the symbols at the bottom of Pokemon cards?

The symbols I'm looking for represent the different card series. But I can't find a resource, a catalog if you will, of the symbols and what they represent. Oh, and I mean the "series" symbols, not the Pokemon type, like fire, grass, water, etc...

Where can I go to identify the symbols at the bottom of Pokemon cards?
You can know the series of the card set by:

A)Buying Booster Packs or Deck

Example, If you buy an EX Hidden Legends booster pack, when you open the pack,there will be a symbol on the bottom right of the card.There are two symbols.. The smaller symbol shows the rarity of the cards. The bigger symbol is the series symbol..Series symbols are for you to recognize the series that has been released.. It is very helful for collectors.When u open a booster pack , u can see the symbol. That is the symbol of the set

B)Ask a Pokemon Card player in a Tournament Centre..

They will tell you the symbols.. If the guy doesnt knows, ask another.. I'm a player as well but I cant describe it to you since I cant show you the cards..

Hope you can recognize the symbols!!
Reply:First of all, wat r u doin playin pokemon? i mean if u ask me its pretty retarded. Second, if u can ask yahoo q%26amp;a why cant u just look it up on the internet. (google, yahoo, or maybe that 1 site that no one vists uuuummm oh yea ask jeves come on gimme a break.) Oh yea and maybe asking a friend who plays too would help.

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