Monday, May 11, 2009

How much can I sell my Pokemon cards for?

Alright, I have two Potion Energy cards, a Lightning energy, 32 Fighting energy, 7 Psychic energy, 32 Water energy, 22 Fire energy, and 20 grass energy.

I also have a rare trainer card, 18 uncommon trainer cards, and 27 common trainer cards.

I have two sets of evolutions, Machamp and Poliwrath. The Machamp is 1st edition holofoil and the Poliwrath is rare non-holo. I also have an Eevee that turns into a Vaporeon.

How much can I sell my Pokemon cards for?
it could go in the 150$ but if they aren't in good shape it could go pretty low you know what I mean!!!
Reply:Well no offense i dont like pokemon now, but i used to luv it alot, and id say that with those card you will have collectors crazy, especially holos... I'd say maybe $100. try ebay.
Reply:Go check a Beckett Magazine, take it to your nearest card store that still takes Pokemon cards, and negotiate a price with him, or go on ebay and set the price at half of what the worth would be.
Reply:$80 OR $100.
Reply:Crazy money, man! Crazy money!
Reply:.once my bro and i went and got all of our Pokemon cards and sold them for 1 dollar per card and we didn't have any more after that day. i ended up with 150 dollars

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  1. I have a 2 full heal engerys, potion engery, miracle engery, holofoil clefairy, mewtwo holofoil, lapras holofoil, venusaur holofoil, erika's vilekplume holofoil, kabutops holofoil, hitmonchan holofoil, hitmontop holofoil, machamp 1st edition holofoil, rockets scyther holofoil, rockets hitmonchan holofoil, dark arbok holofoil, dark alakazam holofoil, dark machamp holofoil, gyarados holofoil, and a slowking holofoil would u plz be able to tell me how much worth I would really appreciate it replay to danel b. Thank you